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Your Space on the Bridge of The Future

A Metaverse experience

The Philosophy

The Bridge of The Future is an immersive 3D first-person experience.

Attaching a lovelock is a powerful gesture: sending a message to the world, wishing that it would last forever. Lovelock bridges around the world are the result of millions of people joining together to create a place where they can express their feelings. In these places, people mutually recognize the value of the padlock as a way to engrave a message, a feeling.

This is what blockchain is all about: individual contributions to engrave something forever. NFT are the medium for embedding digital creation and enabling ownership recognition.

Let's build together The Bridge of The Future.

The Purpose

The Bridge of The Future is a world designed by 3D artists where you can get your own Space to display a customised artwork created by an artist and that shows your message to the world forever.

This is not a 3D representation of the Pont des Arts in Paris, it goes far beyond that. The universe should incarnate the Future, perhaps crypto-art, a warm space where you can display messages important to you. The design of the bridge will be chosen in a $25,000 art contest, chosen by the community and its curators.

This isn't about "buying a digital lovelock", it goes far beyond that: we want to collaborate with your favorite artists to create art that embodies their own vision of lovelocks. They will propose their work as an expression of your message to be displayed on the bridge.

The Bridge of The Future is:

  • A community, people's first: you own the space, you are the artist who creates the bridge or its artwork, you are the community member who votes on its future!

  • The future of the lovelock phenomenon: a unique place to express your feelings, that will last forever and where your message will be displayed to the world.

  • Artistic by design: Any artist can propose a design for the bridge or for any lovelock / art for collectors.

  • An experience: discover, walk, fly around thousands of messages, feelings, artworks!

Your Space

With a historical work of saving 37,374 lovelocks through photography, we've decided to create a Bridge of the Future containing 37,374 Spaces.

A Space is a NFT representing a lot on the bridge, where you can upload and manage your own digital asset (image, 3D...). It's your place of expression, that you will display on the collective bridge!

You can purchase Space through new drops or on the secondary market. The sales will occur on a defined calendar, with differences prices. Make sur to follow our social media to get the news!

Read about the sale process.

You can also earn Spaces for free by collaborating to the project!

Associated features

The Space is a token is identified by :

  • its coordinates,

  • its neighbour (original image),

  • its ID.

By owning the NFT on your portfolio, you have a claim on your Space on the lovelock bridge and you can :

  • manage your Space through your member webpage

  • get your customized artwork created by an artist (extra fee, on the marketplace)

  • sell your Space on the secondary market

  • earn governance token to decide on the future of the community

  • meet your Space neighbours

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