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WeLockLove, all you need to know

WeLockLove is a two-phase project: 1/ Collect parts of the lovelock's history 2/ Get your space on the Bridge of the Future. Contribute to the project and get rewarded with free Spaces and Originals.
Lovelocks are a global phenomenon. The most romantic place to attach a lovelock was the Pont des Arts in Paris, France, known as The Lovelock Bridge, back in 2013-2014.
At the peak of the Lovelock Bridge, Alexis, a 20-year old student, spent 6 months saving the lovelocks by photographing each one individually. His vision was to make them eternal online and he photographed 37,374 individual lovelocks!
It was needed: in 2015, all the lovelocks were removed from the bridge, the City Hall services installed lookthrough glass panels making it impossible to attach new ones.

Part 1. Collect parts of the lovelock's history

The gesture of attaching a lovelock has a lot in common with the blockchain: sending a message to everyone, and locking it forever, wishing it will stay eternal.
Today, you can collect parts of the lovelock's history through 915 unique artworks
The artworks are called The Originals. They are collages made of lovelocks that belong to specific parts of the bridge. There are four different formats, ranging from a Bundle with an average of 44 lovelocks to a Side with 19,222 lovelocks in one single image.
37,374 lovelocks have been individually photographed in 2013 and 2014. They were removed from the bridge in 2015. But their messages are saved forever, visible on each artwork: you can zoom in all the artworks to reach the 100% size where a unique lovelock is displayed on half of your standard screen. You can become a keeper of the lovelock's history!
On the website, each artwork is positioned on its exact location on the Lovelock Bridge! You can browse artworks or individual lovelock to discover the artworks they belong to.

Part 2. Get your Space on the Bridge of the Future

As the real world is embarassed with the lovelock phenomenon, we can create a warm and safe digital place to gather our messages online.
The Bridge of the Future is a 3D immersive experience, a Metaverse, where you can get your Space to display your customized "lovelock of the future", created by your favorite artist. The design of the bridge will be chosen by the community during a contest.

You make WeLockLove !

This project is about community. There are many ways to participate and get rewarded in the project:

Keeper of the Bridge

All the individual 37,374 lovelocks saved forever are gathered in 915 unique artworks, the Originals. You can become a keeper of the history by owning an artwork. You will also get free Spaces if you mint and hold an Original.


You can get Spaces for free if you contribute to the project: by describing what you can see on the lovelock, we will make the search easier for anyone to find its lock.

Future Space owner

You will be able to purchase your own Space in the only lovelock experience in the metaverse. Within your space, you can display your own art or ask your favorite artist for a customized Lovelock of the Future.


You can design The Bridge of the Future and win $25,000. You can design The Lovelocks of the Future with your own artistic vision, and sell them on a dedicated marketplace. They will be needed to be displayed on Spaces, in the metaverse.
You will be able to apply for the design contest after The Originals sale, send us a DM on twitter or on Discord at the moment.

Whitelist investors

Spaces pre-sales will be about 40% of the retail price so you can get an allocation for a discount.
What will we think about the lovelock's phenomenon in twenty years ? The Originals will be the largest project to witness from this period. The Spaces will be our haven to perpetuate the tradition.