5 ways to earn free NFTS

There are 5 ways to get free NFT:

  1. Contribute to the collective database: write what you see on the lovelock and get one free Space every 100(+n) contributions. Limited to 1,000 Spaces. Random contributors will have a chance to win 52x Bundles, 6x Panels and 2x OctoPanel. (34 ETH) Best contributors will compete to win 8x Bundles and 6x Panels. (7 ETH)

  2. Join our giveaways on Twitter, Discord and Instagram to get one of the 6x Bundles, 2x Panels and 1x OctoPanel ! (13 ETH). You can also get free Spaces as rewards.

  3. Spread the words: join our Discord and we'll give you tools: earn 10x Bundles, 1x Panel and 1x OctoPanel ! (12 ETH). You get also free Spaces as rewards

  4. Buy an Original NFT (Bundle, Panel or OctoPanel), hold it and get free Spaces (between 1x on 20x Spaces depending on your Original)

  5. Find your lovelock on the website and tell us! We will mint it and transfer it to you for free (on a dedicated smartcontract)

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