⛓️Mint / Drop

To get a Space: 1/ your can earn it for free by contribution 2/ Invest during a pre-sale 3/ Get it during an airdrop if you are an Original minter and holder 4/ Get it during public sale

The Space is your digital place to express your feelings on The Bridge of the Future 3D metaverse experience.

5 ways to get your Space

  1. Contribute to the project by describing existing lovelocks: you will get a Space for free every 100+n contributions

  2. If you mint and hold an Original when we launch the Spaces sale, you will have Spaces airdropped to you for free, in a number depending on the format of the Original you own and the drop number you minted it.

  3. Buy Spaces during the pre-sale. We will sell few bundles of 100 Spaces at 60% discount, and few individual Spaces at the same discount to a very restricted number of collectors. Be sure to follow our Twitter, Instagram and to discuss on Discord to get this opportunity.

  4. During the public sales: 60% of the Spaces will be sold during public sales. We will announce later the sales features.

  5. Sold out? You will be able to purchase your Space on the secondary market and on the dedicated marketplace.

The Marketplace (secondary sale)

You will be able to sell your NFT (representing your space) on any platform that accepts our Space token. We are also developing the dedicated marketplace for both artists and Spaces transactions.

Blockchain, smart contract and fees

As we want to provide a smooth experience so that you can focus on your Space, your expression and your membership to the Bridge of the Future community, we are still in the process of choosing the blockchain / layer for the Spaces smartcontract.

Spaces royalties

There will be a 5% fee on any secondary purchases not associated with a customized artwork purchase.

The commission fee benefits The Bridge of the Future organization. We will be able to maintain the platform (mostly in the technical development). A community governance token could be used in order to change this commission fee system in the future, for the sake of the community.

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